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Month: June 2015

Sport Geek #7: wither the leftie, speedy nags, awkward rider

You may have noticed that Wimbledon is ON. But there are some other great sporting stories out there too. Here’s this week’s Geek take: Continue reading

Sport Geek #6: Slam dreams, bollards, Hackball

Leave aside talk of Serena getting the Grand Slam – what about Jordan? With the Masters and now US Open in the bag, Speith is halfway there. What’s in store at the Open?

Don’t forget how fine the margins are in golf: Dustin Johnson had a put to win at Chambers Bay. Continue reading

Sport Geek #5: money talks, the N Korea of golf, racing’s dirty secret

We noticed before that Sepp Blatter didn’t actually use the word ‘resign’. So let’s not be surprised that – oh look – he might carry on after all.

Get real 1) Don’t call the Olympics out as a model for Fifa to follow. The IOC is happy to suck up to dictators. Hello Baku!
Get real 2) It might be a fun devils-advocate position to take, but Blatter hasn’t actually helped the poorer football nations at all.

Don’t call it the beautiful game. Try “the zero-sum game that deepens the poverty of the poor“. Continue reading

Sport Geek #4: end of the Big 4, Wood’s 85, Bradley’s 60 minutes

The best of the last week (or so). Fifa, Barca, failure, and a long hour. Continue reading

What can Fifa learn from other voting systems?


Everyone agrees that Fifa needs to change. But what about the tricky question of members’ votes? In general, the argument seems to go like this: Continue reading

Sport Geek #3: Oh Fifa, inventing quotes, wither the all-rounder?

So much has been written about Fifa in the past week, it’s worth remembering that most of the allegations of corruption are old old news. Still… Continue reading

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